Mudgee Disability Support Service Inc. - Quality of Life, Integration and Empowerment in the Community

MDSS is a NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) registered provider. For information on the NDIS please visit the website below or contact our office to discuss the changes and how we can help you.

Welcome to the Mudgee Disability Support Service (MDSS) webpage.

Our service aims to be recognised by our service users and the community as a provider of quality services for people with a disability.
 MDSS provides:
  MDSS provide skills development in the areas of:
  •     Independent living
  •     Recreation and leisure
  •     Basic food handling
  •     Personal development
  •     Community access
  •     Rights and responsibilities
  •     Financial management and budgeting assistance
  •     Individual skill development
More about our services can be found in our About Us section.
Mission Statement
Mudgee Disability Support Service will work openly with the community and other organisations to maximise life's opportunities for individuals with a disability.
 To achieve this we will:
  • Support people to live in and be part of their community

  • Promote and support aspirations and growth by building self-confidence, self-esteem and personal responsibility

  • Promote quality of life by participating in strengthening families and communities

  • Promote services that merit public confidence, trust and respect

  • Promote informed choices

 Service Access
An individual can refer themselves or be referred by their family, other agencies and/or other interested persons acting on their behalf.
This does not include Transition to Work, Brokerage or the Group Home.
Cost of Service
Mudgee Disability Support Service is a State Funded program through the NSW Department of Ageing Disability & Home Care. A person accessing MDSS service may be required to assist with the cost. If there is a charge, this will be discussed before the commencement of the program.
Mudgee Disability Support Service respects the choices you make about your life, maintains confidentiality, works in partnership with you and your family and operates within the requirements of the NSW Disability Services Act (1993) and the Disability Standards.


Mudgee Disability Support Service provides a range of services to people from an Aboriginal background. Some of these are specialist Aboriginal services while others are integrated into other services.
MDSS respects the rights of Aboriginal people as the original occupiers of the land and celebrates the contribution of Aboriginal people to society.


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