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Respite care is short term care that provides carers of people with disabilities the opportunity to take a break from their support role. Having a break could mean you are able to:
  • Pursue an interest or hobby
  • Spend time with other family, partners or friends
  • Look after your own health
  • Catch up on bills, shopping or errands
  • Have a holiday or a night out
  • Or just relax.......

Respite can be for a few hours, overnight, a few days or for an extended period of time.
There are many different types of respite care available.
Mudgee Disability Support Service has its own 3 bedroom Respite House that accommodates individuals for a few hours, overnight or longer. Mealey House Respite Home is close to the CBD for easy access to the shops, movies, parks and restaurants. Mealey House Respite Home is a home away from home. The bedrooms have their own unique theme and visitors will be able to choose the room that suits them the most.  
 Respite Through Recreation
There are a wide range of recreation and leisure options for people with disability. These provide new and fun experiences for the person you care for, while also enabling you to have some time to yourself.
 In Home Respite
A trained carer will come and look after the person you care for in your own home.
Flexible Respite
Respite is "flexible" to meet the needs of the individual. This could be respite in the family home or in the community.
Respite for Ageing Parents
Respite and support for ageing parents caring for their child with a moderate to severe disability.
Emergency Respite
Unplanned or emergency care when you are unable to provide immediate care.
 Why is Respite Important?
The Carer may be on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This can both be physically and emotionally exhausting.
Respite can help reduce the stress of caring and assist carers to look after their own health and well being so they can continue in their caring role.
Having breaks from caring can give carers the time they need to be able to attend to other family members or other matters.
Respite gives the person being cared for the opportunity to have a break from the routine of home.
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